The new Executive Committe of the Belgian Society for Parasitology and Ptrotistology was elected at the last General Asembly of the BSPP in Brussels on 5 May 2017 for a period of 2 years.

Chair Thomas Geurden (Zoetis)
Vice-chair Carl De Trez (VUB)
Secretary Guy Caljon (UA) 
Treasurer Vijay Pandey (ITM)
Public Relation Johannes Charlier (Avia-GIS)

Linda De Vooght (ITM)


Sarah Hendrickx (UA)

2017 awards

Guy Caljon (University of Antwerp) received the Merial Award on 18 May 2017 in Utrecht for his work on insect-transmitted parasitic infections.  More info

Eline Eberhardt was awarded the Avia-GIS Award for the best presentation at the 

Joint spring meeting of the Belgian Society of Parasitology & Protistology (BSPP) and the Netherlands Society of Parasitology (NVP) on 20th May 2016. 

Title of the presentation:

Molecular detection of infection homogeneity and impact of miltefosine treatment in a Syrian Golden hamster model of Leishmania donovani and

L. infantum visceral leishmaniasis

The 2017 Zoetis Travel Grant was awarded to Franck Dumetz (Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp) to attend the WorldLeish6 conference, Toledo (Spain), May 16-20, 2017.